Redesigning Love

Each piece of jewelry that we wear carries with it an emotional imprint.  There are pieces that are handed down from generation to generation. There are pieces that mark incredible milestones in our lives. There are also pieces that, over the course of time, we need to repurpose and enliven to reflect who we are now.

No other jewelry speaks as loudly to our hearts as the engagement rings and wedding bands we choose as symbols of our love. As love evolves over time, it sometimes makes sense that the symbols we wear to express that love evolve. This notion is one reason we are so honored to call Debbie Avos a friend and a client. 

We met the lovely and charming Debbie at our first trunk show.  Watching her reaction to the stôn pieces was an absolute delight, punctuating our belief that jewelry is infinitely personal and emotional. Debbie purchased her first stôn piece that evening and the future of our design collaborations was sealed.

A few days later, she reached out to us about the possibility of redesigning her 25-year-old engagement ring, a stunning emerald cut diamond.  Debbie's draw to stôn lies in the modern look and natural feel of our pieces. Ton created two varying sketches for Debbie to consider as a starting point.

Debbie and her dear friend Sheila, another inspiring client, came up to our Pasadena studio for a design meeting. We finalized design details and celebrated the milestone over a long alfresco lunch of delicious food (don't get us started on the decadent crème brûlée, French toast dessert) and wonderful conversation. We all lost track of time, like old friends reunited.

We took Debbie’s traditional engagement ring and modernized it to reflect her current style. We created a half bezel around the diamond, and placed it on a wide, textured and matte 14k white gold band. The stone was set to show off its perfect cut, as light is refracted and reflected through it.

We knew this ring would be magnificent, but it was Debbie’s heartfelt statement that truly brought us the biggest possible joy: “ I have always appreciated and liked the ring, but now I LOVE the ring”. We are thrilled to have Debbie in our stôn tribe, and honored that she entrusted us with 25 years worth of love.

Sarah W