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Designed with love, care and integrity in our LA studio.

Each stôn piece reflects our devotion to craftsmanship and sustainable practices. We believe that each piece should be as unique as the individual who wears it. 

LATONDRA NEWTON   owner | designer

owner | designer

Artist Statement

My passion for jewelry design is anchored in rich life experiences. I was an engineer in my early career and that work fostered an appreciation for structure, form and repeatable quality. Working in corporate leadership roles around the world gave me a fascination with people and how they navigate their lives. I have a desire to be a part of how they live, love and celebrate and I create pieces that I hope will become a part of the life stories of women and men everywhere.

I come from a lineage of artisans who made quilts, furniture and houses. Their talents instilled the value of utility and beauty coexisting. That’s why I design pieces that fit well and empower the person wearing them. I create sculpted pieces with presence, inspired by the rich stories of women around me. Raw textures, natural gemstones and fine metals are combined in ways that retain the essence of nature.

Because I want each stôn piece to feel as if it’s been unearthed, I carve the wax myself. Our in-house jeweler, Evelyn Crommett,  brings them to life and we share the metal finishing work. 

My clients have a clear sense of personal style and enjoy experimenting with their jewelry – layering stôn with vintage and contrasting designs or discovering different ways to wear individual pieces. They have aspirations about how they want to impact the world and are inspired by the stories behind the stôn designs.