family and friends opening

On Saturday Nov. 18th the stôn team had the pleasure of opening up the studio for family and friends. We wanted to share a bit of the magic we are so lucky to create together, before everyone was whisked away for the holidays. As the sun began to set, and the lights over the pool illuminated the evening, guests made their way up the candlelit path to the studio. Soft music set the mood, and a warm energy was ignited as soon as our first guests arrived.

There is something truly gratifying about watching the people we adore come together, making connections with each other and interacting with the jewelry. There is a deep sense of appreciation when each piece finds it’s rightful home. By the pool, conversations flowed as the caterers passed with delectable food and the bartenders created lavender gimlet cocktails. This is what building the stôn tribe looks like. Empowering. Joyous. Inclusive.

This was the first of many stôn events to come.  We are grateful to each and every person who was able to attend and to those who were there in spirit. We look forward to seeing all of you in the very near future. 

Sarah W