the remix

I often meet people who tell me about the special jewelry pieces in their collections, usually gifted to them by family or close friends. Odds are, if they’re not wearing one of those special pieces in that moment, they rarely (or never) do.  

Repurposing fine jewelry can be a fun way to achieve at least three things:

  •    Expand your jewelry wardrobe without breaking the bank
  •    Celebrate the loved ones who were so generous to you
  •    Bring new intentions into your life

Here's one of my favorite remix experiences:

Lisa empowered

My dear friend Lisa cleaned out her jewelry box and sent me a pile of pieces she’d collected over time -- pearls she dove for as a child, an heirloom from her grandmother, diamond jewelry from old relationships. She wanted a statement necklace, something with significant and personal meaning that she could wear often.  


I knew immediately what I would design for Lisa. She loved the stôn pulley necklace and the concave surface of the round signet. This necklace would be the birth child of those designs. I sent her a sketch, which in my case is more of a rendering (sometimes the design takes a turn when I'm carving wax, and I feel compelled to let that happen). I love the way her diamonds, emeralds and sapphires sparkle against the 18k gold branches and the way the disc glides easily on the chain as she moves. More importantly, Lisa loves her necklace and what it represents. It's about taking all of the good from the past and amplifying it from this one empowering piece.

   typical sketch of a custom piece  

  typical sketch of a custom piece 

                    work in progress

                    work in progress

                                                sterling silver concave top pulley with 18k gold branches | 
                                                       brilliant white diamonds, sapphires and emeralds