Evelyn Crommett  

Making art has always been one of my greatest passions. I realized early on that jewelry was my calling. My love for jewelry has lead me on a great journey of learning to create beautiful things. The road opened before me with my schooling. It developed through my work in a custom trade shop, and evolved while working with a designer who challenged long-held beliefs about beauty in jewelry. I sought and found my place in the collaborative process. I discovered that exquisite place where imagination and implementation come together to produce art.


Sarah Teodorescu

I grew up believing in the magic and possibility of fairytales. As an adult, I seek to bring the worlds of my imagination to life through writing and photography and to use these gifts to connect to others. I am a storyteller enchanted with our collective stories.

Long before I became enamored with gemstones, I realized that my friends and relationships were my crown jewels. stôn is the living embodiment of my heartfelt wish taking form. My ideal has always been to work alongside friends who inspire and incite creativity, passion, and hope. I stand in awe of and am humbled by the stôn collective. I marvel at the possibility of what awaits to be brought to life.