Passion Led Us Here

We love people who share their passions. They are visionaries who shape our world in small but meaningful ways. Meeting with Kyle Roderick leaves us with a sense of awe and wonder. Her passion for jewelry is lifelong and wonderfully contagious. Recently, we were thrilled to be invited to her home to share the stôn line with her.

Kyle is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Her website is devoted to showcasing the most relevant stories in the jewelry industry. Her beautifully adorned fingers are always on the pulse of what’s stirring the jewelry world. Kyle's posts on IG have long been a daily source of inspiration. She is a deeply passionate journalist, non-fiction writer, editor and influencer whose sense of style is impeccable. Her gracious and informative nature pairs perfectly with her disarming honesty and advice.

The morning at Kyle’s home snakes its way into the early evening as we discuss our work and the women who make it possible. Kyle takes her time connecting with each piece and taking videos of the collection. Speaking with her for hours on end feels like reconnecting with a dear friend. Her keen eye for all things jewelry related is unwavering. Her appreciation and knowledge of the industry is as clear as a flawless diamond. We leave Kyle’s home with a deep sense of gratitude for the time we spent with her. We are excited to make future plans for many more conversations and collaborations.

Sarah W